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Parents and Children… and Surgery PDF Print option in slimbox / lytebox? (info) E-mail
Written by Noah Brown   

Getting the news that you or your child needs surgery can be a scary thing for both parents and children. Although adults understand that the surgery is a necessary procedure, kids seem to think that there is a high risk either for them to die or for the parent to die. Follow these help- for-parents tips and positive parenting techniques to help ease your child’s fear about surgery.

Honesty Is the Best Policy
Parents and children need to be honest with each other. If the parent needs to have a surgical procedure done, tell the child about it. The child will probably voice his or her fears that you won’t be coming home from the hospital. Don’t dismiss your child’s fears. Help-for-parents advisors suggest that the parents and children discuss their fears. Let the kids know that you’re scared too, but that you are confident that the doctor will have you good as new in no time.
If your child is the one needing surgery, you will need to start by discussing the reasons with him. Although the doctor probably discussed it with both of you, you will still need to break it down into reasons that he or she can understand. Again, it is essential that parents and children voice their fears and concerns, but also reassure the child that the doctor will have them healthy very soon.

Take a Tour
When a child needs to have a surgical procedure done, many doctors will arrange a tour of the hospital for both parents and children.

Is Your Teen Using Alcohol or Drugs? PDF Print option in slimbox / lytebox? (info) E-mail
Written by Softoix Website   

26% of underage persons consume alcohol; 44% of Americans have tried cigarettes by the 12th grade; Teen drug use has increased to 10% after 6 years of decline

So, is you teen using drugs or abusing alcohol? Before you say no, take a serious look at the points below.

Is alcohol missing from your home?

Are beers missing from the refrigerator? Are liquor bottles empty? This could be a sign that your teen is using alcohol. Teens who abuse alcohol will sometimes refill liquor bottles with water. Keep liquor in your home under lock and key.

How is your teen’s appearance?

Are your teens avoiding you when they come home? When your teen comes home from a night out with friends, take a look at their eyes. Are they red? Look for other signs such as smells of cigarettes or marijuana. Ask them what they were doing with their friends.

Who are your teen’s friends?

It’s important to know your teen’s friends. If your child is hesitant to bring a friend over to the house, it might mean they have something to hide. Ask your teen about their friends. Get to know them.

How is your teen doing in school?

If you suspect drug use, call your teen’s teachers and principal.

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Deceive Your Picky Eaters Into Eating Healthy PDF Print option in slimbox / lytebox? (info) E-mail
Written by Denny Phillips   

If you are a parent and you have a child who is one of those proclaimed picky eaters, you are probably pulling out your hair trying to get your child to eat healthy. It isn’t easy when your child turns up his nose at all those good foods you know will help him grow up healthy and strong. But children tend have minds of their own and they can be very stubborn. If they don’t want to eat something, sometimes there is no way on earth that you can get that food past their lips. Don’t despair though. You can still get healthy foods into your child, as long as you have your mind made up. You can use stealth and sneakiness. What your child doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

By now you are probably thinking…”But I don’t want to deceive my child!” but if you think of the benefits in the long run, you will see the value of it. You child needs certain vitamins and minerals for his young body to grow in a healthy manner. Of course, you can give your child multi-vitamins, but the best source for vitamins, minerals and nutrition is still derived from natural foods. That means that your child’s health will benefit from eating real food which contain these healthy aspects.

You don’t have to actually lie to your child to get him to eat healthy foods. All you have to do is evade. Your child is probably too young to know what certain vegetables are anyways, but if you present them in the right manner, your child may never know that he is eating healthy.

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