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Tragedy and Kids - Talking to Kids about Difficult Topics PDF Print option in slimbox / lytebox? (info) E-mail
Written by Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P   

In the recent months and years we have been faced with extreme issues of tragedy: the attacks of 9/11, the tsunami in Asia, and the extreme floods in New Orleans. It is hard enough for us as adults to understand these tragedies; for children they can be extremely overwhelming. But children do not just look at large disasters like these as tragedies; sometimes, simple things in their lives are tragic to them, even if we as adults don't view them that way.

A child that loses a parent is, of course, going to view it as a tragic event. But a child who finds out his parents are adopting a new brother or sister can view that as a tragedy also. As adults, we
need to hone in on our children's feelings and help them work through their issues of tragedy and loss even if it is hard for us to understand their views.

Some important ways to help a child deal with their feelings of loss can include:

Talking - Let the child talk about what is bothering them. Don't just talk about the specific thing that they perceive as loss. Let the child talk about all aspects of their life right now. Ask questions and let them ask you questions.

The New Dad's Survival Guide to Baby's First Year PDF Print option in slimbox / lytebox? (info) E-mail
Written by Wayne Baker   

Being a new dad is something that can be difficult for many men. You do not know what to expect, and you're worried about how to act like a father. Also, you may feel that there's really nothing for you to do because the woman is the one who bears the child and gives birth to it, meaning that you really have nothing to do for the first 9 months. But there are so many ways for you to be involved, and there are so many things that you should remember. Although this year may seem stressful and difficult, you should know that if you are able to do a few things you will find that you are more than able to survive this year and it may be the best year of your life also!

First, remember that even in the days before the baby is born, you can make a huge difference in your baby's life simply by being there. The mother will have a lot of needs, and she is going to probably have a lot of different hormones that are going to make her feel many different things. If you are going to be a good father, it should start right at the beginning, by giving the mother of the child lots of love and support. You can do this simply be being there and helping her with anything that she might need.

When the baby comes, there are plenty of ways to get involved and to survive this crazy time. First, remember that you and the mother should do things equally. If she is breast-feeding, ask her to pump a little milk so that you can feed the baby too. Make sure that you are able to be there when you can change the baby, spend time with the baby, and do all the things a father should do. The best way to survive this time is to throw yourself into it head first and be sure that you will give yourself plenty of chances to be an active father.

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A Children Budget - Why? PDF Print option in slimbox / lytebox? (info) E-mail
Written by Derrick Janson   

All parent knows, teenagers don't come cheap! In a materialistic world, it's very hard to keep up with latest trends and crazes out there! All parents want their kids to be a contributor to society later in their adult life. When they are twelve years old, kids are becoming more independent and know what they want sooner than later. Receiving big gifts when it is Christmas or birthdays are becoming a thing of the past . Kids these days seem to own everything the moment they are released. How do we teach them to be financially responsible sooner rather than later?

When kids receive their first pay packet, many believe that it's all their hard work so they can blow it and still come to you for more cash. This is an irresponsible behavior society has instilled into our children's mindset with the offer of credit cards and national debt at a record high.

Budgeting for teenagers is necessary for their financial understanding. Budgeting for teenagers is a little more complex than a 4 year old or a 10 year old as by now they have more expenses to account for. The regular rule of "one dollar per age" is pretty much out the door at the same time. A lot of teenagers' allowance would be in the range of $20-$50 per week. This takes into account travel cost, lunch money, sporting equipment, excursions, outing with friends, games and toys. For teenagers who have a driver's license, they will have to take petrol costs into account.

A simple excel spreadsheet is where we will need to start to draw up a kids budget. Income on top- allowance, part-time work will account for most of this on a weekly basis. Savings should be another category as its vital we teach our kids to save before they learn to spend. This is definitely very important for a kids budget.

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